Askew Road Church


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The existence of a church with additional rooms on the site in Askew Road, Hammersmith, dates back to the 1860s. During the Second World War the chapel was bombed beyond repair, although the rooms at the rear survived. After the War the chapel was rebuilt with a hall below it. Since then it has served worshippers and acted as a focal point for the local community.


2011 The church reopened in January 2011 following extensive renovation and improvement.
2009 For several years it had been clear that major renovation and access improvements were needed to ensure the continued presence of the church. In October 2009, following several years of discussion, design and fundraising, work started on a project costing about £1.3 million.
1972 Askew Road Methodist Church amalgamated with Shepherds Bush United Reformed Church in 1972 to form the present congregation.
1968 The worship space was rebuilt above the Lower Hall.
1954 The Lower Hall was built and acted as a worship space for fourteen years.
1940 On October 10 the roof was destroyed by incendiary bombs. The congregation moved to the back rooms where all activities took place for fourteen years.
1926 The Diamond Jubilee of the first building on the site, with a reported membership of 252, plus a large Sunday School and activities every night of the week.
1890 The opening of the Sir William McArthur Memorial Chapel. The new premises cost £4,545 and comprised a Church to seat 800, the schoolroom beneath and the rooms that still survive at the rear.
1866 The Bassein Park Chapel, seating 300 persons, with schoolroom beneath, was opened within three months of the laying of the Foundation Stone. It cost £1,633 to build. A gallery to seat 120 was added, but the building soon proved too small.